Thursday, 21 July 2011

Manuela's and Hard Rock Cafe's Birthday

This is the birthday card I sent to my dear friend Manuela, who loves Hard Rock Cafe. Both she and Hard Rock Cafe are celebrating their 40th birthday this year. - To be exact, Manuela was born 6 days after Hard Rock Cafe was founded. :)

My husband and I happened to visit Amsterdam in the beginning of the summer and bought a t-shirt for my son from Hard Rock Cafe there. After coming home and looking at the paper bag I just HAD to make a card of it for Manuela, though it was a bit belated then. 

I succeeded also to buy suitable stamps: they are showing Finnish rock and pop bands from 1980s. They were published already in the beginning of last year, but our post office was luckily still selling them.

I was happy then to hear from Manuela, that she had loved the card! :)   

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  1. What a wonderful card! And those stamps are awesome. I wish we had better international stamps.