Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mail Receiving Flower Shop

My daughter is working this summer in a museum, where is at the moment an exhibition of old toys and also doll's houses with hand made furniture. I've always thought that it would be lovely to start to make a doll's house, and now I got an idea to make a small version of it just under a glass cupola. So I bought a cupola and some iron wire and made this! 
There is a tiny plastic pot inside both of the vases, so I can fill in little water to be able to use real flowers in them. 
- I started to feel that I have to buy a bigger cupola. Let's see what this becomes, at the moment I think it is a small flower shop which also receives mail. :)

A view without cupola.
About the scale: the height of the table is 6 centimeters.


  1. This is so gorgeous. I've always wanted to get some miniatures. I love that there is a teeny letter.

  2. Thank you Gracie!
    There is also a "real" letter inside the envelope (I was able to write tiny letters but not any more able to read them :D)