Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mail Connects

We got a new kitten, Sissi, two weeks ago. She and our older cat, Killi, have got along pretty well, but Killi has been a bit reserved. When I now received two packages in mail and gave the empty boxes to the cats, they finally found something to do together!
- Good mail makes everyone happy! :-) 


  1. Your cats are adorable! Is Sissi a long haired Seal Point Siamese? She looks soft as a cloud... What fun that they were playing in the boxes together! Maybe now they will be fast friends!
    I am glad that you liked the Coneflower artistamp! See you in the mail! Elle

  2. Thank you Elle, I love them both! Sissi is a Sacred Birman, blue tabby colour. She should get a bit more dark colour in the face when she gets older, but not too much I hope.
    Your artistamp was really wonderful! See you in the mail! I already started to prepare a letter for you today. :-)

  3. Hehehe, the cats are awesome! I really love cats! They simply lift up my mood no matter how gray my day might be. My mail comes on second place... or first.. :D) Either way - great post! I really enjoyed it!

  4. Also I love cats almost more than anything else! And like you, also mail almost as much! :)