Saturday, 19 March 2011

Waiting for Spring

This is the card I made to PostMuse. 
I wanted to do something different, and used a piece of thin cloth and acrylic colors. 
The clear green color represents my longing for spring after the long winter.

I like postages a lot, and I sometimes like to draw an extension to the postage picture, like I did here. 


  1. I love your fabric post card, it is very unique. Also the expanded postage drawing is really pretty.

  2. I feel I may be looking to repetitive, always saying "beautiful, beautiful" but what can I do? You only show amazing stuff, artistically handmade, wonderful envelopes, letter papers, stamps, drawings! The card you made just surprise me even more and I wished I could steal that idea. I guess it also would look awesome in a big canvas... but here I am exaggerating with my ideas.