Saturday, 12 March 2011


This beautiful Japanese art card arrived from Miwa in Tokyo. 
She tells that these flowers are called Mokuren, and they are similar to cherry blossoms.
I really wish I one day will see these flowers in Japan! 

Right now Japan is in the middle of an awful natural disaster, and people there are in our thoughts and prayers. 
- When you see this Miwa, please leave a comment to tell how you are.

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  1. One of my favourite postcards ever came from Japan, I got it through postcrossing about three years ago, and I have a cork board which I update with new things, that postcards and another one from Isle of Man are there since I got them. I moved a couple of times and it always keep there. It so beautiful. Makes me really sad what happened, not only in Japan but in other countries, we can't control it so it will keep happening, it only leads me to one thought, that we should do more for Earth while we still can.

    Much love,