Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Marjolein again

When starting to write to Elle I wanted to find a new kind of a way to use my old Marjolein Bastin wall calendars. Finally I took the March page of two calendars and used them as note papers. - There was actually quite much empty space to be used when writing by using small letters. :)

The reverse side is automatically beautiful when including the picture of April.

The envelope I made made of the paper which was around the flower I bought on same day.

I attached an extra note which I made by printing a picture of my cat Killi who was very interested in my work to plant flowers (Rhodochiton atrosanguineus) of the old seedcases on the same day also. I didn't know the English name of the plant so I painted a small picture of the flowers to clarify.


  1. I am not sure but I think I know those flowers, I see them in garden around, aren't the leaves very thin and like silk... well maybe it isn't the proper way to explain, but they are very delicate.

    See this

    I think your drawing looks wonderful. Is that perhaps watercolours?

    Then, the first images are purely beautiful, that envelopes is one of the most beautiful ones I ever saw. I also use things, papers, I find in the most variate ways to make envelopes, I guess it is very original and they look much personal.

    Have a lovely week Sirpa,


  2. I received your letter and opened it with much joy! All the lovely pictures and your artistry as well as your letter on very unique calendar "stationary" made my day. Thank you Sirpa!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments! I'm glad to hear you liked this, because so did I. :)

    Joana: Yes, the flower is exactly the one in Wikipedia. I really like it. And yes, I used watercolours for the drawing.

  4. The calendar was a perfect upcycle to stationery! She's a talented artist.
    I also LOVE how you wrote Patty's name on her envelope! I'm going to try that.