Monday, 31 January 2011

Mailbox Guard

This beautiful and massive cat made me smile when I yesterday in sunshine saw her on the fence looking like she would be guarding her owner's mailbox. - Look also how beautifully she has set her tail. :)


  1. I love this photo! There seems to be a link between letter writers and cat lovers too.

  2. I love "ginger" cats! Great pic! Oh, BTW, here is the answer to your comment on my blog :
    I adore Marjolien Bastin's work. It always makes me smile. I would love to have a card from you if you get a chance! I love mail and I will make sure to send you something back. Thanks for the comment! Take care.

  3. So do I! My cat Killi, who is in my profile picture, is a bit orange also, but may be more beige.
    Thanks for your comment, I actually was happy to notice it in your blog already. I'll send you a card. :-)