Monday, 15 March 2010

Gustav Klimt

This wonderful package arrived today from Ivana.

She had earlier sent me a card of a painting by Gustav Klimt which I liked a lot and told her that I would love to receive another Gustav Klimt card also, if possible.
Now she had found this booklet of 15 different Gustav Klimt cards to be sent to me!
This was such a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much Ivana!

This is the self made card (drawing ink and watercolor) I sent to her last time. - Her name Ivana should be recognized in this. :)


  1. I adore card with art, Gustav Klimt is surely one of my favorite artists, would be easy if they could be just a few *ah ah* there are so many wonderful art around this world, the future will bring more, and the past will always be secure with us (I hope).

    I also want to say something about your comment in my blog. I recommend you the film of The Girl with a Pearl Earring, it is somehow very faithful to the book, and you will know each parts they took off, but that will not damage the story. I loved it very much.

    Take care and love,

  2. I really love Klimt!
    Could I swap postcards with her?