Saturday, 30 January 2010

To & From Ivana

I sent this Moomin card to my new friend Ivana (I posted about her in
She had told that she likes Moomin cards, and I think this is one of the most beautiful. Finnish post has fortunately also published Moomin stamps, so I could use one of them here.

And this beautiful card I got back from her yesterday.
Czech seems to have many very beautiful stamps, and I'm happy that Ivana has selected different from the ones in the earlier card, so I have the possibility to see more of them!


  1. wow~~It's Klimt's work!
    He is one of my favorite artist.

  2. Yes, the detail of a painting in the card is by Gustav Klimt from year 1901.
    I haven't been familiar with this painter earlier, but because of your comment I now googled him, and you are right, his paintings are really wonderful!
    So thanks for Ivana and you, I got a new favorite artist now! :)