Sunday, 14 March 2010

Almost 34 Years ago from Kenya!

This is a very special letter, I got it from Kenya in July 1976.

I was 15, going to be 16 in autumn, and saw a pen friend notification in a magazine about Fatma in Kenya, and sent her a letter, and she answered to me by this letter!
Our friendship via letters continued then about 5 years.

I had several pen friends all over the world when I was young (already then I loved letters!), but I always felt Fatma was the closest one to me. I have saved her letters, and when looking at them one evening it just came up to my mind to try to find her in Facebook, and I succeeded! We have now had a long chat in Facebook and I'm SO happy I found her again!!! It's really amazing!

The year isn't visible in the stamping of the first letter, but in this another one it is. - The postages are very beautiful!


  1. Hello dear Sirpa and thank you for your comment, which made me to come here and when I read the first words and realized how important can be such a letter, from such a far place I felt something strange, like if I knew I'll be doing penpalling for decades, and someday I'll look to my oldest letter, and feel something even more intense. I have the dream to keep some of my closest pen friend (I prefer to call them just friends) for the rest of my life, I wonder if it is possible and I cross my finger.

    Recently I found in attic of my parents house a letter sent to my parents which has one stamps from the year I was born, and it got the post-offices mark 14 days before I was born. It is so far the oldest stamp I and I'm sure it doesn't mean nothing to most of the people, but to me it means a lot.

    Much love,

  2. I love your comments Joana!

    I can very well understand how you feel about the stamp from the year you were born.

    These letters from Fatma are very important to me, and it's a very strange feeling when I look at them and I feel it was not so long time ago I was receiving them and writing back to her, and still I know it's more than 30 years ago!