Wednesday, 17 February 2010


This beautiful envelope from PostMuse was today waiting for me in my mailbox!
Thank you PostMuse!!
I like the mailbox stamp and the personal address stamp.
"Letters mingle souls" postage is lovely, and because I adore polar bears, I'm also very happy of the polar bear postage!

Inside the envelope was this handmade card (not handmade by PostMuse this time) including many nice details!

The envelope and card below are the ones I sent her last time.
Inspired by her earlier delivery ( I had made the card of an old calendar and decorated also the envelope with small details of the same calendar.


  1. I had the card and envelope you sent on my desk at work and every person who walked by commented. When I showed them that you made both using a calendar page, they were even more impressed. Very, very nice composition!

  2. Thank you for telling, I'm happy to hear this!!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment! You have received and sent some really lovely things. Mail is so good.

  4. You are right, mail is really good! :)