Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wonderful Cat Card from Hsin-Yi

This interesting card came from Hsin-Yi. So far I have been able to count 10 cats in it!

I love Hsin-Yi's way to write the cards and to use also the Taiwan characters, which are very very beautiful! - Again Hsin-Yi it would be very nice to know what they mean here. :)
I left the explanation about cracking dish visible here, because it describes the original idea of the card, which is to celebrate New Year.

Below is the card I had earlier sent to Hsin-Yi. It is of the painting "A Woman reading" by Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt. I love the light in it.

I happened to have a stamp of another painting by Edelfelt, "Old woman with basket", to be used to send the card.


  1. hi~
    I've received the Edelfelt painting postcard before.
    I love it!

  2. I'm happy you like it!!
    I also very much like your cat card!