Sunday, 31 January 2010

From PostMuse

This beautiful postcard made of an old calendar arrived from PostMuse (

She had made also the envelope of an old calendar.
I have also kept some old calendars for the same reason, but haven't yet done anything with them, and now this beautiful delivery really inspires me to start to use them!

I love vintage postages, and I really like the ones PostMuse has used on this envelope!

Man in the Moon is such a merry closer for the envelope! :)

I had used these vintage Finnish stamps when sending a card earlier to her, and because also she loves vintage stamps, I'll select some other ones now for the next delivery to her! :)


  1. oooh, i love the bklyn bridge stamp!

  2. I am surprised to see the air mail sticker on the envelope. I was told by the US Postal System they don't use them anymore since we don't have anything but airmail for international mail. I am going to have to bug the clerk next time I'm at the post office to give me some so I can decide where to put them :-)

  3. That clarifies why the sticker partly covers the stamps! Funny to read your comment, because I actually already a bit wondered why you would have placed it in that way! :)