Sunday, 5 December 2010

English Hare to Hsin Yi

We were in Edinburgh, Scotland in summer, and there I found a nice paper shop Paper Tiger. I liked a lot this hare card, and because I know Hsin Yi likes hares, I bought the card for her. I hope she likes it, too!
As a postage I used one of these vegetable postages, which can be customized with stickers as funny ones. I posted about these earlier, and then I didn't like the additional stickers at all, but I started to see them in different way, because of positive comments! :)

When I had my fifty years birthday this August, my daughter had got an idea to get a stamp made for me of one of my painting/drawing which I had made to a Swap-bot envelope I like the stamp and I like to use it by adding some color to the stamping afterwards.

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