Friday, 16 July 2010

Schenley Park

This beautiful card arrived from PostMuse.
The card is Jim Trusilo's illustration about the Victorian glasshouse in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I love the stamps and the way they are composed.


  1. Funny story about the postage. I am not very good at math, and when I first added the postage, the three corner stamps were enough and fit just right. I added a second time and realized I was a penny short. In hindsight, I should have tipped the penny stamp but I bet I was just so frustrated at messing up the math, I didn't even think about making the stamp match the others.

  2. Funny, really!

    But I honestly think that the composition is better like this, when one of the stamps doesn't follow the others. So you were actually lucky! :)

    - By the way, mathematics was my main subject at the university :D