Monday, 24 May 2010

Butterflies to Miwa

I sent this card to Miwa, it's about an etching by Inari Krohn (she is a Finnish painter and graphic artist, and some other work by her can be seen here
The name of this artwork is Messenger. I love the colors on it.

I have had some kind of a butterfly craze for some time now, and I lately bought these butterfly rubber stamps.
My stamping wasn't very perfect in this envelope, but actually I liked the unsuccessful result, because it made the envelope look beautifully beaten-up. :)


  1. The rubber stamps are gorgeous as well as the rest. I guess you are pretty much in love with rubber stamps now, aren't you Sirpa? :)

    The card it's all about butterflies, look at the postage stamp, really beautiful.

    Love ♥,

  2. Yes, you are right, I have a rubber stamp craze now also! - Always a craze or two going on! :)

    The postage stamp is from the time we still had Finnish Mark. We can use these stamps still until the end of next year. I love old stamps and would like to use them even longer.