Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Butterflies to Hsin-Yi

I found this beautiful card to be sent to Hsin-Yi.
It suited perfectly to my butterfly craze period!

I like cards which have also a beautiful background, which I think this one has.

On the envelope I used my new Sakura Gelly Roll pens which I bought according to the instructions got from Hsin-Yi. :)


  1. Hi,Sirpa
    I've received it for a long time.
    I were too busy to tell you.~~sorry
    I'll send one back.^^

  2. my first name is "Hsin-yi" and last name is "Wang".
    I prefer you call me Hsin-yi.
    because there are lots of persons whose last name is Wang in Taiwan.^^

  3. Thanks Hsin-yi! :)
    How about your nickname Cindy, which I'm using all over my blog? Wouldn't it be nicer if I start to use Hsin-yi instead of Cindy, or what do you think?

  4. I prefer you call me Hsin-Yi.^^

  5. I changed it already also to my old blog posts! :)