Thursday, 31 December 2009

Christmas Teddy Bear

This is an earlier made Christmas card (actually the hat was missing, so I waulked and added it now) which I sent out now this year.
The teddy bear is wishing Merry Christmas!

We in Finland get new Christmas stamps for each Christmas (it would be nice to know how it is in other countries!).

These Christmas stamps are designed by Minna Immonen
I have always liked her postcard designs, and I like these stamps as well.


  1. I got a letter a few days ago with the last stamp of the post it is very beautiful. I am a lover of mail and art of course, and everything around both.


  2. I can see your love to these things in your beautiful blog!

  3. OMG..the stamps is so lovely!!! I like it so much! It cant be found in my country. :S

  4. forgot to tell you, you are my partner for "Mail Me A Decorated Envie" swap. ;-)

  5. Thank you for your comment!
    It's exciting to wait for your letter!
    I looked your blog and you really make beautiful jewelry!!
    I like all jewelry very much, and make also some by myself, so I every now and then find me ordering some beautiful silver stuff and Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls in Internet :)

  6. In the U.S. there are always two new holiday season stamps introduced every year. One is always religious themed--usually a Madonna and child scene or the like. The other is a more generic winter themed one such as Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, etc. The U.S. Postal Service also issues stamps each year from Chanukah, Kwanza and also for the Muslim holiday season a little earlier. After the first of the year there is usually a Lunar New Year stamp that changes each year to match the year--Tiger, Rat, Dragon, etc. The stamp for the Muslim holidays is the same every year as it's in Arabic calligraphy. The others change each year.

  7. So interesting to know!
    Thank you very much Wordherder!