Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Card

I used old postage stamps and new Christmas rubber stamps for this envelope.


  1. I love seeing older postage on correspondence. I've learned that some countries don't allow this. Do you get your vintage from a dealer?

  2. Our currency was earlier Finnish Mark, but we changed to Euro for some years ago. Mark value postages can now be used in post deliveries to the end of 2011. I also love old postages, and have now tried to get them to be able to use them during these two years. I have bought them from a dealer, and because they actually are for collectors, they of course cost a bit more than their value in post delivery is, but I try to find those which are not too expensive to be used like this. :)

  3. Very interesting! I buy lots of vintage postage but pay face value, though we haven't had a currency change. If we ever did, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to get such a great deal on vintage postage.

    I can't believe I missed your request for my address a few weeks ago! I don't mind publishing my mailing address because it is a post office box. In fact, I mean to create a little box on my blog with my mailing address, and keep forgetting :-)

    Bonnie Jeanne
    PO Box 22042
    Pittsburgh PA 15222

  4. Ok, thanks, I will send you a postcard! :)

  5. Hi,Sirpa
    I received the Christmas card today.
    Today is the Christmas Eve in Taiwan,I'm so happy to received it.
    The rabbits stamps , card and evenlope are so beautiful!
    And I knew a Finland artist,Rudolf Koivu, because of you.:)
    I'll send you one bought in the National Palace Museum tomorrow.

    Wang Hsin Yi(Cindy Wang)