Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lovely sheet of stamps

I love this sheet of 5 stamps, which is a design of Laura Laine and was published 6.5.2009.
I used one stamp of it into this underlying bithday card envelope to my sister in law. I didn't use just the stamp but additionally a piece of the sheet background and then continued some lines by using drawing ink and coloured pencil.


  1. Lovely idea! I have seen one of these stamps before but it's great to see the whole sheet. Your artwork is excellent! (And by the way, I finally wrote you back this week. :-)

  2. Wwoooww! Tosi kiva idea, ja ihania postimerkkeja! Mulla on noi punaset kengat!! Tai no oikeestaan ne on nyt matkalla Petterin postimerkkikirjaan Suomeen :)


  3. Oh, so lovely to wait for your letter!
    Glad to hear that you also like this sheet. As I said, I like this very much. The sheets of stamps are my favourites, and sometimes it is so sad to break them!

  4. Those are some amazing stamps! And I love your drawing.