Saturday, 15 September 2012

Name Day Card from Ivana

This beautiful art card arrived from Ivana in Czech.
She is really amazing: she is very interested in Finland and Finnish language and she even new it is Sirpa's day  today in the Finnish calendar!

Lovely stamps.

This is the card I had earlier sent to her: a Moomin card with an attached Moomin reflector.

I decorated the envelope with a marker and added Moomin stickers. 


  1. beautiful card, indeed! :-)
    well, I hope you've enjoyed your Sirma day yesterday!

  2. The card sent by Ivana was really spectacular! I love buildings that have a tinge of historical elements like that. Love the Moomin mail! And it's my first time seeing a Moomin reflector, it's way too cute. And what lovely stamps! I googled and found out about Sirpa's Name Day. How interesting! :D