Saturday, 5 May 2012

Open French Tulip to Peggy

The French tulip I bought and painted to Patty opened this beautifully after a couple of days so I could make a totally different painting to Peggy of the same flower.

I used Patty's paper tapes also to this envelope. 


  1. Love the colors you used! And the matching fairy stamps too! Excellent work! :)

  2. Your paintings are very beautiful! You have a real gift! I know that I owe you a letter...I have carried it around in my letter bag for some time... I have not forgotten you, life has been very busy. But hopefully soon I will get some time at my art desk. Until then I hope you are doing well and enjoying your lovely gardens! Hugs! Elle

  3. Thank you Elle for the lovely comment! Just take your time, I'll love to receive your letter when ever it will arrive! :) Hugs!