Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fairy Package

Peggy likes fairies, and when I saw this small package in our post office I just had to buy it for her.

I was happy they were still also selling these fairy stamps.

The package is made to be perfect size for a small chocolate bar, so I bought one though I was afraid it will totally melt on it's way to USA. 

I attached this small letter which I decorated with water colors.


  1. Pretty envie!!! I've never seen those fairy stamps :(


  2. You are such a generous penfriend! I love the fairy stamps, I've never seen stamps like them before! Lovely!

  3. Hi Sirpa - you won my postcard giveaway! Congratulations! Of course I already have your address, so I'll get these in the mail to you. :-)

  4. Oh wait, I forgot - you need to let me know which 5 postcards you want for the giveaway! I'm so excited that you won that I'm getting ahead of myself. You can send me an email or leave a comment on my blog, or message me through etsy. :-)