Sunday, 5 September 2010

To Ilona and Soda

This letter I sent to Ilona. I used the beautiful big stamp got from her to decorate the note papers.
The stamp was a part of the Very Special Giveaway in June from Ilona which I was happy to win

For the envelope I used some of my butterfly stamps and one of the leave stamps which also was a part of the giveaway, and then I dropped some water colour over the stampings.
Because the envelope had a bubble wrap inside it, the surface for stamping was very soft, and the borders of the leaf stamp became visible also. That's kind of a failure, but it made the leaf look like it was flattering!

This is the card I made for Soda by water colour. I hope she recognized herself in it when Ilona gave it to her! :-)


  1. Hello Sirpa,

    I've thought many times I'd like to send mail to you, but, alas, I don't have your mailing address. If you'd like to correspond, please email me your address at

    Thanks. Patty

  2. This was absolutely one of the loveliest letters I've ever received!! I think the watercolor Soda needs to be framed.

  3. Ilona: I'm so happy to hear you liked the letter and the watercolor!

    Patty: I'll send you an email!

  4. Hi Sirpa, I love your fairy stamps! I would love to correspond with you. Send me an e-mail @
    Soda's watercolor is so cute.

  5. That is absolutely beautiful in form and in gesture. What a treat to get something like that in the mail.

  6. Ooooh lovely. Just heard of your blog from Missive Maven and I joined as a follower. I'd love to correspond too. You can send me a message through my blog if you'd like to. Very wonderful work - thanks for sharing.
    Pamela (

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments!
    And Ilona: Nice to start to wait for your letter! :)

  8. Sirpa, Just discovered your blog from Missive Maven and have loved perusing and enjoying your art! As several others above me, I would love to correspond. you can email me at many thanks for the inspiration.