Thursday, 24 June 2010

Edinburgh Mailbox

We spent a couple of days in Edinburgh, and I was just taking a photo of the British mailbox, when the postman came and started to empty the box, so I got a photo of that occasion also!


  1. hello sirpa!
    i stumbled on your blog and liked a lot your mail art style. i enjoy wrting and receiving things through the mail, it's fascinating!
    i want to know if you want a mail art pen pal from brazil. i'd love to swap letters with you. you can check out my blog:

    hope you answer back.
    have a good mail day!

  2. Hi Bruno!
    Thank you very much for your message!
    I'm happy to have you as my pen pal!
    I have decided not to publish my address in the blog, but when looking at your nice blog, I noticed you have your's there, so I'll write to you and so you'll receive my address. :)
    Regards from Finland!

  3. Hope to hear from you soon! :)